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Storytellers using hybrid events, podcasting and digital media for sustainable growth.

Senior technical director Misja Jonker active for booking.com hybrid event.

Hybrid events & live-streaming

Go live! Reach your audience.

Using our human centric approach we combine filmmaking with broadcast quality live-streams. Participants will be pleased with an optimal audio experience and stunning visuals. You focus on the message. We get it out there!

Boost your live presence:


Start building your community with engaging podcast.

All our increasing expert status is quite challenging. We experience that podcasting is a highly effective tool. Simply by sharing authentic stories that matter. It enables your community and status to grow.

Rawpower creates more value out of a podcast. Each episode includes a variety of shareable content. Ready to use and easily fills your social media calendar. Let’s join forces and boost your expert status and gain more followers.

product video

Kickstart your innovative products.

Our approach with product videos is dynamic movement. Either by human hand or completely repeatable with the perfection of our programmable motion controller. Combined with beautiful lighting and razor sharp close-up details of your product.


Tell stories that matter.

What if you could reduce the crew to one creative with a professional iPhone and a small backpack with additional gear? Our filmmaker Maarten went to Northern Peru and experienced the added value of keeping it simple. 

instruction video

Assist your customers with easy to follow tutorials.

In collaboration with Sodaq – environmental sensor developer – and Vodafone we crafted a series of instruction videos. 

social awareness

Get your message across.

Your mission to make the world a better place is challenging. We help organizations with video content that will have a lasting impact.


Your brand identity visualized.

In collaboration with Sodaq – environmental sensor developer – and Vodafone we crafted a series of instruction videos. 


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Cast & Crew

Meet the crew behind your future campaign.

Cast & Crew

Meet the crew behind your future campaign.




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A selection of our clients

A selection of our clients

To improve my presence as mentalist & magician I needed a video for social media, agencies and my site. I found that the beauty of the people at rawpower is their personal approach. You can trust them with the whole process from the creative idea to the realisation. Regular updates kept me in the loop and they take time for my feedback. The end result was better than I could have imagined!
Daniel van Mourik


We go for long term partnerships.

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