Live-streaming for interaction with your community

Connect with your community.

Live-streaming is in the top 3 of effective tools for event organizers. When executed professionally it boosts community building. Research shows that viewers watch 300%* longer compared to pre-recorder videos. Rawpower facilitates engaging live-streams, hybrid events and webinars. Get ready to share your story, knowledge and interact with your community.


Create engaging events and stream them live.

We do live-streaming to create memorable experiences for your audience with lasting impact. Ranging from an effective single camera Zoom meeting to large hybrid events with interaction and remote guests.  


From idea to sharing it worldwide.

Why should we reach your global audience, boost their engagement and make future gatherings an authentic experience that creates a greater brand awareness? Our producers will take the deep dive to answer those questions and guide you through every step. From strategic ideas to the creation of social media promotion, broadcasting the event and and after movie to stay top of mind.

WHAT do we facilitate

Reach more people. Grow your audience.

  • Hybrid events
  • Webinars
  • Live-streaming with interaction
  • Pre-recorded shows

filmmakers approach

Innovative from the start.

We are not your typical AV partner.

using smart technology

Creative visuals. Sounds great.

You want your live-stream experience to be pleasurable. That requires an attractive visual look, dynamic graphics such as logo’s, text elements and social media interaction. And even more important than visuals is the intelligible audio of the person who speaks. No sweat, we do the heavy lifting and let our smart technology do it’s magic!

Futureproof content creation

Optimized for sharing.

Live-streams can be complimented with gorgeous artwork, multiple teasers and many more other content to share. Both before, during and after the big day!


We are ready.

meet the CORE team

“It’s more than beautiful pictures.”

Meet Jos, based in Rotterdam & London and has 20 years of experience in the world of broadcasting. From documentary storytelling in the war zones of Sudan to the vibrant Olympic Games in Brazil. His multidiscipline talents compliment a compact yet powerful live-stream team.

“Finding the synergy between message and technology.”

Our live-stream director Misja has over 25 years of experience in the art of visual storytelling. He helped Dutch national television, non-profit and medical organizations with his human centric approach to conveying the essential message.

“We’re here for you, the Game Changers.”

Maarten is a Jack of all trades and master of all when it comes to media production. He is constantly looking for the latest innovative functionalities to provide the best technical support for your live-stream.

adding value

The pricing of our livestream plans.

We offer tailor made solutions to get you up and running with quality live-streaming for community building and growth.

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Great for entrepreneurs who want to start building their community.

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Game Changer

Best suited for brands that want podcasting combined with video.

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Thought Leader

Become an influencer powered by video and live-streaming.

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