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Director of Photography

Maarten Smeenk (41)
Our senior DOP at rawpower and described as a creative bouncing ball that loves innovative use of technology to tell the story. Has been shooting in small and large teams for commercials, documentaries and corporate productions. Clients ranging from Amnesty International, Corona beer and ING.

What do you get?
Each shoot gets proper attention and preparation. Services that are always included are:

  • Pre-production call 
  • Gear prepping
  • Data transfer and backups

Investment calculator

Are there more then 1 executive producer?
Technical director, producer
Sound engineer, camera operator, assistent
Technical director, producer
Subtotal Crew members


Subtotal Car rental


Including tripod, cables (SDI) and converters
We have a pan/tilt and a slider/pan/tilt
Streambox inlcuding MBP m1 and 43“ display
Media playout met 43“ display and mac mini m1 with ultra studio
Including dedicated mac
Including dedicated mac
Atem mini pro iso / extreme iso with display
Full HD 32“ samsung display
4K 50“ samsung display
4K 75“ samsung display
Including pointer, dongle, dante audio and dual output
Subtotal equipment


Subtotal Audio

Additional cost

Excluded in this cost calculator
Cost for transport and parking fees will be calculated after the shoot is done. The travel cost are 0.45 per KM.

What’s next?
Please call Maarten at 06 813 099 35 to determine which approach works best for your project.